School Memories In Middle School

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School Memories
We stood with our arms outstretched as a lady measured us for a new school uniform; we were excited to begin our new and exciting life in Middle School – pinafore and all. I t was a sunny morning when I entered School after a long vacation. This was the beginning of middle school. The day was a bright and as usual we began with our routine chapel and then praying. Then we had our first session as the teacher read from the text we could hear huge noise made by people outside the school. We were wondering what happened, then our teacher found out a famous film personality was kidnapped and hence there were protests everywhere demanding that their favorite star must be rescued as soon as possible. Due to the extensive protests we were let off home. As I travelled home with my parents we could see policemen around trying to control the protestors and assuring them that their favorite will be rescued soon, stones were pelted, and effigies were being burnt. This incident made me remember the first day of middle school till today.
One of my senior friend told me about the girl who got stuck in the elevator in our building and died. From then on, I never tried using the elevator. There were many rumors about the girl who died who roams around the trees as a ghost. This made
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We wore a red checkered uniform and a serious expression. Because of the band, you fell in love with on sports day – even though the only time you’d ever run was from vicious stray dogs. Cheering for our teams, tuck-shops, competitions filled the air with excitement. Various games like relay, hurdles, long jump, high jump were a part of the activities. Special games were organized for the teachers as well as the parents. An importing and exciting game is the competition which is held between past and present students. Thousands of students past, present, parents come to witness the sports day which is one of the most celebrated events in
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