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I observed Mrs. Ruffs 4th grade class at Carlin Park Elementary on Friday, September 15th at 9:30am. The class consisted of 13 girls and 12 boys. While I watched the class, I focused in on trying to notice the difference between the two sexes. I observed that the girls can compete at this age level with the boys. The girls were almost if not as athletic as all the guys in the class. During the activity where they were dribbling a soccer ball through homemade tunnels, the girls in the class were more technical with the task of dribbling the ball and followed directions better than the boys. The boys would run wild and try to go as fast as they could, but the directions were to take your time and focus on control which was what the teacher was grading them on. Some of the boys were very skilled and did the activity with great pace while focusing on control. Also, during the class, a little boy booted a girl’s ball across the gym because he was mad at himself for messing up. The teacher came to calm him down and he continued to do the activity. (Repeat from first Observation)
When I asked Mrs. Ruff her opinion about co-ed physical education and at what ages/grades would it be better to separate the two sexes, her response was passionate which made me feel good and glad I asked the question. Mrs. Ruff believes that co-ed classes are good for students and do more good for the kids than harm. She has not had a problem at the elementary level and feels that her students get more
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