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More School I agree that the school board should add on an extra one and a half hour tho the regular school day. I thinke that adding this amount of time to the school day will boost students ' grades by giving them more time to ask quietions and not be rushed. It will create less homework for students which also gives student-athletes more time to focus on thier own sport. And finally, teachers will be less stressed because they wouldn 't have to worry about time. If the school board adds time to the schoolday it will benefit for everyone. By adding time to the schoolday it will boost every students ' grade up. It will let students ask more quiestions about topics they 're struggling in. It…show more content…
By addidng more time to the school day it will create homework less of a struggle. By adding more school time it will increase the amount of classwork. And while the amount of classwork increases the amount of homework decreases. This gives students time to focus on other afterschool activities and sports. By decreasing the time on homework it will allow students to get to bed at a decent time and not staying up and soing their homework. I think by adding a mere hour and a half to the school day it will help teachers do their job without stressing anout time. If a hour and a half was added to the regular school time I think that it would allow teachers to go over different viewpoints. By doing this it will elp the students in that class to understand more about the subject. I also think it will give extra time for the student sto do one-on-one with many students. By adding time to the schoolday it will help not just students but teachers too. Adding and extra hour and a half to the regular school day benefits to both students and teachers. It gives students time for their own activities and sports that they have after school. With extra time it will also let teachers concentrate on more than one subject a day. It will boosts students ' test scores and overall grades in their classes. I believe that if a mere hour and a half was added to the school day it would help students bring up their grade in that
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