School Persuasive Speech

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We are all trapped. As humans living in the United States of America we are all crushed by the unseen, undiscussed, untouchable force. This force is simply referred to as “The system” or “The man”. Not broadly discussed or recognized due to fear of consequence we all continue to block out the immense pressure forced upon us to be a part of it. The school system in particular is the most oppressive and forceful of all. From young ages kids are broken down and then molded into “perfect” humans. The school system is not designed to help nurture and develop the talents of each individual but are instead pushing kids to become civil servants under the tight grasp of society. Children who posses natural talent are not able to let it flourish and…show more content…
Kids are no longer excited to learn and that may be the biggest problem of all. What will happen in the United States when we are no longer pushing forward and pushing the limits of nature? Will we dissolve into a poverty stricken third world country? These questions and many more are what I hope to answer in great detail over the course of this essay and I hope to leave you with insight as to how to live your life to the fullest.
The societal systems in place, specifically prestigious colleges, work to improve the common good at the detriment of each individual’s well being. The difference between common gain and every individual improving is a
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Living in a country so heavily dominated by the rich, powerful, and famous, it would seem pointless to embark on any journey without being guaranteed these roles. However submitting to the power of the system does not guarantee you anything. In fact it is very much the opposite. Those who choose to carve their own roads and to create and imagine can end up beating the system and coming out on top, or they can be pulverized by the shear force which it contains. These people 's lives have been ruined because they went against the current and were not willing to let it push them. This risk is one many are not willing to take and are willing to risk their wellbeing
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