School Refusal Behavior

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Literature Review School refusal behaviors and psychiatric disorders are reviewed here for better understanding of these conditions. In this study, school refusal behaviors and psychiatric disorders specifically on children would be emphasized including its symptoms, effects and possible solutions.
School Refusal Behavior
School refusal behavior may have varied causes. It has been one of the problems to some children. Explained here are the indicators and what specific actions do parents and school take to address to these kinds of conditions.
Emotional Factors. Similar to other fields of health, emotional health is an important thing to consider, as well. Emotional factors are one of the things which trigger school refusal behaviors to some
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A child’s life status, specifically poverty is a contributor to school refusal behaviors. Ramar, R. , Kusuma, A. , Lokanadha Reddy, G. (2005) stated there are two ways that poverty affect children (i) by impairing student’s health and (ii) by reducing their learning capacity. One reason is that poor children do not meet specific needs that would promote learning the development of a child. Unlike children from a sophisticated family, they meet their needs by having toys and books that would develop their skills. This literature shows that poverty is not the main reason of school refusal behavior but it could generate the thought of refusing school. There has been found linkages between child work and both social school attendance and school attainment of children aged 15-17 years old which is stated by Lyn (2012). Due to poverty, some children are forced or even volunteered to work at a young age. It is not a mistake to do so but it could affect a child’s school attainment. One of the child’s responsibilities is to study but working at the same time would not be a good contribution to a child’s life.
Study Burnout. Study Burnout is an example of a physical and emotional exhaustion, which is experienced by most students, an example of this is a person who is cramming and he/she doesn’t have the idea of what would he/she do. According to Matti, K. , Matti, M., (2011), students suffering Study-Related-Burnout fail to have self-confidence in coping with the school environment. Study-related-burnout greatly contributes to student’s behavior towards school. This literature shows that good health plays a great role in achieving the over-all wellness of a

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