School Run Short Story

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In every culture throughout time, there has always been a dress code of what to wear and what not to wear. Fashion is always changing, and sometimes what might be considered as a “fashion crime” in one era, would later on be picked up again by a younger generation and go from being “fashion crime” to the new dress code for people. However, fashion is a personal opinion and what one person might consider as cool, others might see it as ridiculous, and as a result some people are shunned from social interactions, and can even be looked down upon. In the short story “School Run”, written by Kate Marsh in 2013, where the protagonist falls in love with a boy, named Magnus. Although, a lot of people mock him, for his way of dressing when they were…show more content…
Magnus is best friends with the protagonist’s older brother, he met her when she was five years old, and he then goes on to marry the protagonist once they reach adulthood. Magnus is a patient man and has had trouble pronouncing his R’s. It is not revealed when and where he is born, or what his profession is, however, he is evidently a form of scientist since he takes an interest in the subject. It says in the story, “Do you ever think about matter?” It then proceeds with following, “A group of us is going to Bletchley to see the Enigma machine. Do you want to come? It’s got 10114 possibly combinations.”
The reader is told that Magnus was an unusual boy, since he would love to listen to the music the parents loved from when they were young and dressed rather controversially in jackets with leather patches and singing in the school choir.
Magnus is throughout the story viewed as a nerd. It says in the story, “’I underestimated the variables’ he says sadly. ‘I should have done more research.’” It then proceeds with, “Magnus takes a calculator to the lavatory with him instead of the newspaper like a normal
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In the story the reader gets the impression that the protagonist is the open one in the relationship, whilst Magnus is more withdrawn, when it comes to expressing feelings to their partner. It says in the story, “He sends me letters every week or so, always set out as neatly as a lab report. Sometimes with diagrams, and often a bibliography.” It then proceeds with following, “He writes, in the washable blue ink I have persuaded him to use after an
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