School Safety: Examples And Expects Of Safety In Schools

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Safety is a huge concern to people and everyone wants their child to be safe at school. For this reason, I have decided to explain to you what I mean by the word safety in this essay so that you will understand what I am referring to when you read my research paper. I will discuss some examples, negations, and even a few stipulations for the term safety. This term relates to my research paper because when I become a teacher school uniforms can help keep the students safe in a dangerous situation and even prevent some situations from happening.
Examples of Safety
First, I will give you a few examples and negations of safety so that you can grasp an understanding of the term before I move on. Let’s say there is a school shooting. It is essential that during that event the school does everything in its power to keep the students out of harm’s way and to eliminate the threat. Uniforms allow the shooter to be easily identified because they will not be in a students or teachers uniform. Another example is there is a fire and the fire alarm is pulled. In this situation the teachers are to evacuate the students from the building safely and quickly. Uniforms help the staff count the students quicker than they would if students wore different close and this allows the teachers more time to search for the student in the school if there are students missing. There are even drills to ensure students are aware of what they need to do in order to survive and be safe.
Now let’s discuss a
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