School Safety Shootings

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School safety is a major issue right now. Some say that Schools need to have better safety measures, some say the violence that has occurred in schools would wide is due that mental health illnesses and some say it is because of gun control. These vicious acts would have never happened if there wasn’t a gun involved. Guns are dangerously powerful weapons, of mass destruction that take lives. Lives are not something you can get back, once your dead your dead and therefore America need gun control. The lives taken everyday by that act of gun violence are hideous.

School shootings are becoming more common today. School shootings are horrible and shouldn’t happen. School shootings would not be happening if there wasn’t a gun involved. Ordinarily, according to German Lopez, who wrote the article “I’ve covered gun violence for years. The solutions aren’t a big mystery.” “The US makes up less that 5% of the world’s population, but hold 31% of global mass shooters”. That is intolerable and inconsolable, such a insignificant portion of the world shouldn’t hold that
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Source C shows a back to school cartoon with two isle’s with “school supplies” that include bulletproof vests, tasers and pepper spray. Is this what it has come to? Do kids have to take these precautions just to go to school and get an education? They shouldn’t have to. Guns are so easy to obtain, and should not be, if guns weren't so accessible then the rate of deaths in America would drop. According to German Lopez who wrote the article “I’ve covered gun violence for years. The solutions aren’t a big mystery”, Australia responded to gun control by banning certain guns like semi-automatics. Since then Australia’s firearm homicide dropped by 42% in the 7 years after the laws passed and its fire arm rate fell by 57%. These numbers are real and so are the results. It could be like this everywhere if gun control is put into
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