Persuasive Essay On Safe In Schools

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Obama (2012) said, "This job of keeping our children safe, and teaching them well, is something we can only do together, with the help of friends and neighbors, the help of a community, and the help of a nation." Therefore, trying to help America as a whole would require a large number of people, but we can make our school safe. It is a small step toward a safer education. There have been many tries to make schools safer, yet we still hear about new ones weekly. It has devastated so many families. Somehow, we still let our so-called leaders tell us it will be fine because they'll think about the families who have gone through what I can only imagine is hell on earth. To make our school safer would make a difference; it could even save lives. My main points are easy ways to make Highlander safer, policies that should be implemented and policies that should not be implemented.
There are many ways to keep our school safe. The goal is to make our school feel safe; it should not feel like a prison. One of the ways could be surveillance. After installing surveillance keeping a watchful eye on the school could help to deter any violent plots. Another path could be having campus security, so there is someone to protect the students. If that doesn't discourage violence then
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Donald Trump's solution was arming teachers and staff. (Mason & Fagenson, 2018) The simple reason for gun control the fewer guns people have the less harm they can do. Australia, for example, has strict gun control laws, and it has worked very well for them. Australians still have access to guns but must get a permit. A study that looks at gun control found that in other countries with stricter laws there was less violence. Guns are powerful things that can take many lives and should be uneasily accessed.("thettyl,"
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