School Shooting Case Study

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Objection 1: In the instance of a school shooting, how does a nurse display empathy for someone who did something so horrible? If the shooter is being admitted to the hospital of the nurse’s employment, the shooting was likely in close proximity. If one of the victims was known by the nursing staff, they may be reluctant to provide care.

Objection 2: In the instance of a school shooting, why should the shooter be “rewarded” for killing innocent children? Although shooters will face life in prison, they still are given the opportunity to live, something they took away from everyone murdered. In 2017, there were 23 individuals given the death penalty in the United States, hence their chance of receiving the death penalty is extremely low.
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Nurses are often faced with the difficult task of having to treat patients who have harmed others, while still displaying the same amount of respect, and integrity. Specifically, nurses are faced with patients that may have caused a disaster such as a school shooting, bomb explosion, or a car accident. Although nurses are highly trained medical professionals, they are also humans who have emotional reactions under certain circumstances. Throughout nurses careers, they witness many unspeakable acts, but many nurses still sustain their ability to deliver high patient care in complex situations. In an example of a school shooting, nurses and medical teams may be faced with difficult decisions. Suppose the situation of a relevant tragedy within recent news: A school shooting. Because of the nature of the situation, the perpetrators often end up injured while being captured by police. Regardless of their actions, the shooter is transported to a hospital and are cared for by medical professionals. Should medical professionals, such as nurses, be held accountable for caring for someone who did such a heinous
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