School Shooting Narrative

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There I was sitting in English class, and unexpectedly an alarm went off around the entire school. As usual we thought it was a fake alarm, and apparently it was legit alarm. We knew we were prepared for this our entire lives. We were sitting on the side of the classroom where people couldn’t see us through the door. Our teacher Ms. Raner went outside the door, and we quickly locked it. As soon as we shut the door we all heard a gunshot, and we seen blood splatter against the door. “What just happened?”Miguel said. “Obviously our teacher got shot”Jose said. Then after a few minutes we hear multiple gunshots, and someone knocked on the door. We all stood quiet until Jose laughed because of Jesse telling him a joke. I realized that we were all dead from that point. Now the person…show more content…
They told us to stay in the classroom because of the one guy still loose in the school. The cops were following were looking around the whole school until he unexpectedly came out of nowhere and wounded one of the two cops left. I knew this guy was a trained gunman because of the skill he had taking out the police. The other cop wounded the gunman, and he hide in the bathroom. The gunman locked the door waiting for the cop to come inside, so that he could wound him. The cop requested reinforcement, and we all heard another “BOOM” When they broke open the door. The gunman knew he was he was going to get arrested, and he was right because the cop got whacked with a gun by the gunmen. There were other cops, so that’s how he got arrested, and a lot of cops came into the school. They were retrieving other kids from the classrooms, and the rest of us were fine besides the teacher and student that got shot. The student was wounded, but the teacher was killed. Luckily more people lived from that incident, and there could’ve been more damage done, but the people who got arrested were
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