School Shooting Prevention

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Policies for School Shooting Prevention
The recent shooting in Parkland, Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School by Nicolas Cruz left 17 dead and 14 injured. People heard about this and want to take action to prevent others from doing the same. Parents want to know that schools are taking measures and making policies that will help prohibit these things from happening. Some ways that we can help to counteract school shootings and prevent severe injuries and deaths is by having armed guards/officers at our school, arming teachers that are qualified with guns, and enabling the 'red flag ' law. Taking these type of actions will help identify possible shooters and stop them if it happens. The shooting in Parkland, Florida sparked the reality
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It says that a teacher who is qualified to have a gun could end an attack quickly. At our school, only the teachers who feel comfortable and are qualified should have a weapon at our school. All teachers who carry guns would need to take a concealed carry class and practice on a monthly basis. Teachers should make a plan that will help protect their students until first responders arrive. Students should not know which teacher carries guns because an unstable person could take their gun. Also, not knowing could stop the person before they take action that can harm others because they are afraid they 'll get shot. Arming teachers would mean we are no longer waiting for the first responders and can help take actions before something bad happens. (Merica & Klein,…show more content…
Taking measures to prevent shootings and other emergencies could help keep someone alive. Measures like having teachers carry firearms, enabling the 'red flag ' law, and having officers make a big difference. What happened in Florida, is very scary to students, faculty members and parents. If we had the necessary precautions taken and a plan in place, we would all be much more at ease. A highly trained armed officer on campus looking after us would help make us less afraid. Unlike the officer in Parkland, Florida who stood behind a post while Nicolas Cruz fired shots inside the school, we would have a officer trained to handle an emergency like this. I think that schools should realize that people are dangerous and always will be, we need to take safety measures to make sure that nothing like what happened in Florida, happens at our
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