School Shootings And Violence: Violence And Violent Video Games

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Jack: Hey It 's your host Jack Payant. I’m accompanied with Andrew Weske and Cyrus Choisy-Madon. Andrew/Cyrus: Hello Jack: Why do you think boys are most of the school shooters in this world? Does it have to do with anything at home, bad influences or something in their genes? Andrew: We have a lot to elaborate on about this topic. Jack: There have been 17 school shootings this year. A lot of kids have been hurt or manslaughter. To add on teachers have also been hurt. Cyrus: One reason boys have been school shooters a lot is, the violent video games they play. Andrew: although some studies do show That’s not 100 percent true. Boys with Mental Health and other problems that play violent video games can be affected by violent video games but it doesn’t fully make them do it. Jack: Can you elaborate on that idea of how the games doesn’t fully make them do it. Cyrus: According to NPR “ aggression is any behavior - that could be a verbal behavior, a physical behavior or a relational behavior - that is intended to harm someone else. So if you give someone the cold shoulder, that is aggressive. But that 's different from violence, which is only physical and extreme such that if successful” Which means that video games can make you more aggressive but aggression isn’t really the level of actual violence where you are harming and potentially killing others. Andrew: But the only flaw with this is that if you have already violent behavior this added aggression might push you

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