Argumentative Essay: Concealed Carry In The United States

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Patrick McAndrew Mrs.Scruggs English III 10-May-2016 Today many people around the world and even in the US are scared about the next shooting and where it will take place. Many states don 't allow concealed carry on school grounds because they believe that the students are not ready for a responsibility like carrying a gun. Eight states in the US allow concealed carry on campus because the state has voted on it and passed it through government. Other states such as Georgia have discussed the topic on concealed carry but very very will vote for it because they feel students and faculty are not ready for such a big responsibility. Since 2012 there have been around 170 school shootings around the US. December 14 was the massacre of 20 children ranging from the age of 7-8. Many of the teachers on campus did not have a weapon with them and…show more content…
With gun violence rising everyday people ignore the fact that some people should carry on campus to make the day safer and maybe some people would feel safer knowing that they have somebody on campus who can shoot back if there were to be a shooter. Four days ago Governor Nathan Deal vetoed the bill for students at Georgia university to conceal carry. This to me is saying that he wasn 't ready for students to carry because he thinks that they don 't need a gun on campus and that they are safe enough just the way it is, when in the near future if a shooter comes to their university and commits a shooter that Governor will be responsible for why people got hurt all because he didn 't pass that bill and have responsible students carry. Texas approved the same law last year allowing responsible students to carry. Not only can they carry on campus but they make others around them feel 10 times safer. Governor Deal rejected the bill to give school security a chance to improve on their jobs and come up with new ideas on how to make the school
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