Prevent School Shooting Essay

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I, a student that belongs to Toms River High School North here in New Jersey write to you concerning our nation’s mass problem with school shootings. There are multiple ways that we can reduce the rate at which these crimes happen and secure the lives of our teachers and other students similar to me around the state. After the recent shooting in Florida, several kids were scared out of coming to school in the days following which should not happen. People should feel comfortable coming into school knowing they are protected at all times. There are different measures that can and should be taken into action so that future school shootings can be prevented. The problem with school shootings in America are not attributed to the gun, but rather…show more content…
One of the ways we can do this is by securing the main entrance of our schools with a police officer. At various schools, including mine, there are officers in multiple areas, but the one area they fail to secure is the front entrance which leaves one of the vital areas exposed. Another great option that is brought up is employing veterans to secure our schools, it would create jobs and they would not require training since they have already received the best training possible. This would also prevent the officers running off like they did in Florida because the officers were scared because veterans know they have what they must do in these situations. Also, a profoundly controversial idea would be allowing teachers to have guns. Of course, not all teachers have guns, but if they already have a concealed carry license, which is nearly impossible to obtain in our state, they should be able to carry on school grounds just like anywhere else since they’ve already received the necessary training. The point is that if we try to lessen the number of guns as several people advocate for we will actually lessen safety because the criminals will still be able to acquire their guns illegally leaving innocent people exposed and not able to defend
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