Mass School Shootings In Schools

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School shootings are an increasing issue in the United States, considering there have been over eighteen in 2018. So why don’t you hand everyone on U.S. soil military guns? Even psychotic individuals who take pleasure in murdering innocent children. School districts need to promote the idea of carrying military guns to your teachers to serve and protect your children; to increase the probability of teachers with AR-15’s, you must offer rewards. Taking this action of emphasizing the importance of concealing AR-15’s amongst faculty not only benefits the school safety but you as an impressionable-adolescent student: offering lethal weapons, background knowledge, and experience to all students during school will inherently increase safety. Districts should encourage you, teachers, to carry AR-15’s to protect your students, and in exchange put your name in a raffle for teacher of the month or your name printed in white bolded letters on top of your new designated parking spot. If you are the name bolded in white letters on that sweet parking spot that is now closer to your homeroom, get angry and happens to shoot a couple of ungrateful kids, it’s simply expectable because there was bound to be a shooting at your school anyways; you are just the proud teacher whose name is now engraved on a fake golden plaque hanging on a wall…show more content…
In addition, channeling your frustration, tension and hostile thoughts from rambunctious children and outside life through gun violence will increase your teaching performance- helping endure a long day of teaching, creating new ways on how to educate children through activities, crafts and boost
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