Guns Should Be Banned In Schools Essay

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Only 3 months into 2018 there have been over 10 shootings on a school campus. So in light of the most recent school shooting that took 17 lives in Florida many ask, should the government put stricter laws on guns? There are many different opinions on this topic considering the circumstances at hand.some believe that guns should be easier to obtain others believe they should be much harder to get your hands on, there are people who think guns should be just straight up banned.

If the government put stricter gun laws on firearms then of course it would be harder to get get them. But for someone who is willing to take others lives they could easily get them illegally by means of purchasing them illegally or possibly stealing them, or in most cases if a parent has a firearm a child or whoever could easily get to that firearm. And for anyone who could possibly oppose that we put stricter laws on getting guns is simply blind to the sad and awful reality that children cant even attend school without the fear of someone coming in that school and do something as terrible as open fire on innocent students. The frightening truth is that on average science 2013 there is approximately 1 school shooting every week that sums up to about 300 shootings and that 's
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Some however believe we as citizens of the United States should be able to own these assault weapons. To that i say there is no argument no citizen should be able to own a weapon of that magnitude. Rifles such as the AR-15 which shoots a 5.56 mm round which is the same as what the military uses. These guns are made to kill as quickly and efficiently as possible not to hunt or home defence they are made to kill. For 500 to $1200 you can purchase this weapon at the age of 18 years old that is insane to think
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