School Sports Cause Injuries Essay

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Schools sports cause injuries but how terrible is that? Some people think that schools should take sports that cause lots of injuries out of school athletic program. This is most likely due to the sparse amount of stories parents have heard of other people’s kids getting hurt. But I believe that schools should keep sports even though they are injury prone this is because kids are going to get hurt there is no way to prevent all wounds and kids still admire their sport even after they get hurt and they do know what they signed up for and what that entails. I am not going to lecture you about all of the ways to prevent all types of sport-related injuries because that would be insane and most likely not possible. However, I am going to talk about how adolescents are going to get hurt because everyone gets hurt, even adults. But just because some kids get hurt while doing a physical activity and they get some long lasting injury does not mean everyone who participates in competitive sports is always going to get long lasting and/or life-threatening injuries. There are ways to prevent injuries though. All you have to do to prevent injuries are to invest in some proper protective gear, like, a helmet, elbow pads, knee…show more content… says “dieting, weight concerns, and body dissatisfaction have recently been reported in children as young as 7 to 9 years old” this study was done a couple of years ago but just imagine with the incline in social media how much more of a problem this is now then it was. Using sports is an easy way for kids to feel healthy which is very important for juveniles and school sports may be the only way they can be in a sport so if there favorite sport or maybe the only sport their parent allows them to play is taken away then how are they going to try and help themselves improve their
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