School Sports Research Paper

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A sport is defined as an activity involving physical activity and skill in which an individual or a team competes against another or others for entertainment. In this essay, I will outline how participation in sports is extremely important and should be encouraged more. Additionally, sports bring out the competitiveness in student athletes. To others, it may just be a time to make new friends. No matter the motivation, there are clear benefits to being a student involved in sports. The main focus of this essay is to prove school sports are helpful to students because they allow students to stay physically fit and learn important life skills. Participating in school sports not only allows children to be socially active, but it also allows them to be physically…show more content…
I personally, as an athlete, think that I have learned many things that will carry with me in the future. I have learned skills such as communicating with others, working hard as a team, and building many friendships that will last a lifetime. Studies state that former athletes were far more successful and gained special qualities. In source 1, the information presented showed me that sports not only have a positive affect on athletes physically and academically. Students involved in sports maintain and improve physical health and improve their confidence in relationships with friends and coaches. Sports have helped me develop skills in communication, team work, and friendship. Overall there are many positive things that sports can bring to one another. I personally think that schools should continue to support student involvement in sports. If students participated in these activities, they would be far more successful in the future. Sports would not only keep them physically healthy but also mentally healthy. Sports also teach special life skills such as communication, team work, and
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