School Start Later Essay

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Students, have you ever woke up later or could not get enough sleep at night for school? Well, a change in school start times could fix that. School start times should be changed to a later time in the day, because students don 't get enough sleep, would improve classroom performance, and could give students time to eat breakfast. Most might agree that these are some important facts that a later school time change would help. Sleep, it is a big deal and most people are deprived of it because they are forced to wake up early for school. You may say then why not go to bed earlier? Well, for students in school your natural time to go to sleep is usually later at night at about eleven thirty. With that, you aren 't getting eight hours of…show more content…
Without being tired, students find it is easier to take a test and remember what was taught to them. This leads to higher scores on national and statewide testing. Also with this, students can now focus better in class and actually learn instead of trying to cheat on what they could not retain. This in turn makes it easier for teachers to do their job and help the students that are not understanding the material instead of just not paying attention. Students can now focus on other things besides school now, too. Like having a healthy breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. Most students have to make the choice between getting enough sleep or getting a healthy meal. The outcome is usually more sleep, but that early morning healthy meal is just as important. Yet even if you can find time to get a quick breakfast, is it really a healthy for you and will it give you the nutrients for the day. A healthy breakfast should give the student energy and strength for the day. Some even say it is easier to stay awake after having a meal. These problems can be fixed any more. Put an end to tiredness in school. Change in a later school start time is for the better in school performance of the students. Students need to have a healthy routine and the early morning breakfast that provides the nutrients and strength for daily routines. Change the school start times and make every ones live just a little
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