School Start Later Research Paper

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Works Cited Lewis, Danny. "Sleep Scientists Say School Days Should Start Later." Smithsonian. Smithsonian Instituation, 11 Sept. 2015. Web. 03 Mar. 2016. I want to use this source because it has a medical stand point to my argument. It comes from a good reliable source that is commonly known for their research and accurate statistics to help prove my side of the argument. “Even the Centers for Disease Control seem to have gotten the message. For the first time, the CDC is urging school districts and policymakers to push back start times after a study of public schools across the country found that more than 75 percent started before 8:30 AM in more than 40 states.” Is a quote that helps me validate that there is an organization that…show more content…
It stated reasons of why school start times should be pushed back and it also stated reasons why it should not be pushed back. The reasons of why it should have outweighed the reasons of why it should not have. The main reason why it was said school start time should be later is because as teens they stay up later and while they are in school they are tired and sleep through class all year. More sleep could lessen depression, make grades become higher, makes the students have better focus, and prevent sleeping in class. In the article it was said that "Over time, sleep deprivation leads to serious consequences for academic achievement, social behavior, and the health and safety of our nation 's youth." Sleep is very critical and should definitely be taken seriously when making decisions about students and education. In my argument I will use this source to back me up on every reason of why school start times should be later. This article will help me in supporting the needs of sleep because of health and also because more sleep would promote better academics as a teenager. The article had a lot of credible sources to support the ethos appeal; it gave credit to all the doctors and also the students. The consistency of the argument of why school start times should be later is a very strong logos appeal. One of the very strong pathos appeals in the article was "It 's important to add sleep to the school curriculum at all grade levels and make sleep a positive priority." That statement shows that sleep is actually a caring matter and that the argument should be taken into consideration so that a change can be taken into effect. This source would be very beneficial to me in the argument letter by giving me strong points about why the times should change for school start
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