Importance Of Pressure In School

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Pressure! Pressure! Pressure! -Sharon K There are several reasons why students complain of too much pressure and stress, not only at school, but also at home. Looking at my own point of view and what I go through as a schooling child, I’ll explain different ways I find both school and home pressuring to me, and how I cope with these “issues.” School can be very stressful sometimes. One of the main pressure I find in school is to be able to maintain good grades. Most of the time I pressure myself when it comes to getting good grades, since my parents don’t really pressure me. However, they insist that I perform well. Another main pressure I experience in school is trying not to mess up the relationship between me and my friends or classmates. This is something to be very careful for, since I wouldn’t want to have awkward moments around my friends or classmates. Thirdly, when teachers decide to bombard you with 5 tests or more in a row on the same day can be pretty stressful, since you have to study and cover 5 major subjects. Super…show more content…
Failing is not a good feeling at all, and so whenever I do fail an assignment, I always give myself talks and tell myself that it’s okay to not do well once in awhile and that it won’t kill me. Secondly, not to screw up relationships between the people around me and I, I try to be myself as possible, so that my friends get to know the true me and so that I won’t have a problem of messing our relationship up since they already know me. Thirdly, I try my best to do all i can on each test and make sure i covered each well and also pray for memory so as to be able to do all the tests I get in school well. Lastly, how I deal with myself not wanting to cooperate with someone else when I have a problem, I simply deal with it until i figure it out, but when it's too much, i ask for help, because I don’t really have any other
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