Essay About School Failure

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School failure Before entering into a category of school failure, it is necessary to specify why, when the subject is discussed, there is stinging among students committed to pedagogy ?, the annoyance occurs because the responsibility for school failure usually lies with the student, Leaving aside other factors such as the state, society and the school itself. The exhaustion of the classical social sciences, whose theories, methods and investigative procedures were kept short in order to account for the complexity of social life and the current emergent dynamics (including school failure), impede grasping and understanding of dynamism, The plasticity and the indeterminacy of these processes, for this reason, this category must be approached as an emerging and current social dynamics. On the other hand, the modern state within its duties…show more content…
In view of the above, each of the aforementioned aspects will be treated very succinctly, in order to enrich our research:

From the psychological Speaking of school failure, somehow a value judgment is issued, which leads to discrimination and segregation of a group of students. There are many questions that arise about this problem and therefore it is necessary to make an analysis of some concepts that may be related to school failure. Within which the following could be considered:

The intelligence Although there has been great controversy as to its concept, it can be defined as any behavior that aims at the conscious adaptation, selection and configuration of the environment according to the interests and needs of the
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