Persuasive Essay On School Suspensions

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School Suspensions

Suspension is a good punishment for misbehaving, but do they really want to be punished by not going to school for a couple of days? Suspensions are used to punish a student who has committed a minor crime in school. Usually kids are committing a “crime” because something has hurt them inside and they’re just trying to show what they’re feeling against the person that made them feel bad. So, is the student really responsible for their actions? Although school suspensions can be useful whenever a student misbehaves, the punishment can sometimes not even affect the student behavior against other students, limit students from learning new curriculum and passing their grade, and could possibly affect their career life.
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Most kids who get suspended “joke around” talking about guns and shooting up the school, but the community doesn’t think this is safe because it’s causing more parents to worry about their child being at school when there could be a possible threat to shoot up a school. Most firemen and policemen are sending out special messages to parents to show their children because the kids who are joking around can and will be taken as a serious threat to the city or school. Most kids want attention, but whenever they do something wrong they get suspended and punished for what they’ve done. A study in 2011 revolved around Texan students that got suspended 11 times or more throughout middle school and high school. This caused the students’ to care less about school and made them fail the grade they were in. Although school boards feel like it’s safer for the student to stay home, they should have in school suspension so they do their schoolwork, but still get punished by not getting to go to class and see their friends. This means that they still learn new material and get punished for their actions at the same
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