School Suspension Persuasive Essay

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In all the time you were in school, did you ever receive a suspension? Did perhaps one of your friends? Maybe, even, you felt that the suspension wasn’t deserving? Suspensions have been given out throughout schools almost as long as schools have been in session, and it’s no surprise why. It’s cheap for the school system, convenient to keep trouble children out of school for a day or two, and it’s familiar enough that no district will receive any conflict for carrying out the practice. Yet, the system is proving wildly ineffective. Even though suspension seems to solve the problems of trouble children and keep the cost quite low, schools should not suspend students because the lack of actual discipline in the method, how the method does more harm than good, and how there is no proof to back up it’s supporter’s claims. School’s shouldn’t suspend students because suspension is not even a punishment that makes the student rethink their actions. A 2011 study stated that Texas students who had been expelled or suspended at least once between middle and high school averaged, during their academic careers, averaged at about four such punishments. Some of them were even suspended eleven times or more. It is certain that not all students feel necessarily punished by it. In fact, most students likely find out-of-school suspension more of a good thing, especially those who are already hostile towards the environment, as they get to stay home from school and don’t have any other

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