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Kendal Carpenter
Text critique of three big problems with school choice that supporters don`t like to talk about
Text Critique 1 The article “three big problems with school “choice” that supporters don’t like to talk about” by Valerie Strauss is a very persuadable topic. The topic of this article is over the choice between the student going to a public education or a private/ charter school. She uses many premises and it comes down to one claim in the end. Her premises and thoughts all support the final claim. Throughout Valerie’s writing she uses multiple rhetorical devices to make her argument stronger to persuade the reader. Her first premise is that “Privatized school choice will inevitably reduce funding for your local neighborhood
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Troupes are rhetorical devices such as metaphors, similes, irony, satire, paralyses, puns, aphorisms, hyperbole, and others. The first thing she used is a metaphor talking about the backpacks. She compares the backpacks to students going to new schools. Representing the students as backpacks she tells about the taxpayers funding each student as the backpacks. She then uses analogy explaining the taxpayer’s money going to new schools. She uses a child going off to college. The upkeep keeps going up that is considered to the room and board so to say. Then the budget and bank account of the family goes down. Paying thousands of moneys out of pocket to send their children off to college. She also uses the group of students leaving your local public…show more content…
They are only losing money because students are moving from public education to private or to other schools. The students doing this is allowing the tax payers dollars to go somewhere else. The public education is losing money based on this choice that students are given. She states three premises in her argument. The first being, “Privatized school choice will inevitably reduce funding for your local neighborhood public schools”. The second being, is “Direct and disguised vouchers to private schools and other public-school alternatives start small and then expand, increasing the burden on taxpayers. In order to back her premise up she states multiple thing.” Then the third one being, “Additional administrative costs coupled with a lack of transparency waste taxpayer dollars and open the door to excessive legal and fraudulent personal gain.” Valerie uses these premises to support her claim. The claim that she is making in this article is “if we turn our back on public schools, we turn our backs on our most profound American value.” She backs her premises and claim up with many ideas and thought that she has come to. Valerie is stating a strong argument with help from the rhetorical device that she uses in her writing. Throughout the article she used troupes. The troupes she uses were metaphor and irony. She also uses ideographs as a rhetorical device. Then the last
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