School Uniform Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Around the world, a lot of schools instituted the idea of students wearing uniforms so they can improve overall school performance and to reduce negative behavior. Thus, this has become a topic that has proponents that believe implementing schools uniform will enhance performance and safety between students in schools and critics that think school uniforms will cancel all the benefit that would be enjoyed. So, in order to have a better understanding on how school uniform policies affect the educational system and the students as well. We have to know the advantages and disadvantages that come from implementing a mandatory school uniform.

First of all, according to oxford dictionary, “school uniforms are the special clothes worn by
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This makes it extra easy for students to save time since they know that they will be wearing school uniform when they go to school. Hence, the morning routine would be completed shortly. One of the main advantages of school uniform is that it reduces the risk of students judging each other based on their appearances and social status. For instance, the rich child looks like the poor one because every pupil is wearing the same thing, consequently there is no pressure to wear fashionable outfits or to buy specific and high end brands clothes. It makes it easier for students to build strong relationships and to choose friends based on their personalities and skills instead of choosing them based on their popularity. One of the common advantages of school uniforms is there is no need for schools to make any policies related to dress codes because a lot of schools that don’t have uniforms do have a dress code; but knowing what rules to include can be very demanding for students because they need to know ,for example, what sort of footwear are inappropriate and what length, materials and types of skirts are fine, and so on. With school uniform, it is easier for them to know what it is okay and what it is not since there is just a single outfit to base the policies

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