School Uniform Advantages And Disadvantages

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Wearing of school uniforms has some advantages and disadvantages. What do you think? Is wearing uniforms a good idea or bad? Almost all schools are required to wear school uniforms. Whether we like it or not, we should abide the school rules and regulations regarding of wearing the school uniform. Wearing of school uniforms should be implemented for college students in Silliman University due to an increase of the school pride, identification of intruders in the university, its formality, and can save so much time in changing when it comes to picking out what to wear. Students should wear uniforms to represent the pride of Silliman University. The college should be respected and represented formally by the uniforms. Students wear these uniforms with pride, “ by wearing a school uniform, a student may feel proud that he/she belongs to a certain school .Just doing this (especially if it is with a logo) will allow him/her to talk about his/her education with peers and even with other people(“13 Serious Advantages and Disadvantages of School Uniforms,” n.d.). By wearing a uniform, students are going to look the same. You do not have to compete with your fellow classmates on what to wear every day. You do not have to compare your fancy clothes or your expensive shoes and accessories because everyone is going to wear the same uniform everyday with your black leather shoes. Many students get insecure because of not having those pair of shoes we all wanted to have or those beautiful
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