School Uniform Persuasive Speech

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Good Morning everyone so again I am in front of you to deliver my Persuasive Speech which is “School should not required students to wear their uniform”. I choose this topic because I believe that most of the students want freedom to choose what they will wear. So my first argument, is it takes away the students freedom. So based on my research that I get from the internet by ”, The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees that all individuals have the right to express themselves freely. In the 1970 case Richards v. Thurston (3-0), which revolved around a boy refusing to have his hair cut shorter, the US First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that compelled conformity to conventional standards of appearance…show more content…
So based on my research that I get from the internet by “, A study on the effect of uniforms on violence and substance use published in 1998 by David L. Brunsma and Kerry A. Rockquemore has found that a uniforms policy actually does not seem to have any positive influence on discipline. While discipline is usually one of the main reasons behind a school 's decision to implement a uniforms policy, this same policy could actually have a negative impact on student behavior, especially amongst teenage students. Teenagers are rebellious by nature, and imposing a uniform on them, especially after a period where they were allowed to wear casual clothes, may create tension in the school.” The students are able to participate in the discussion if they are comfortable on what they wear and to the people around them because they have the freedom to speak up. Confidence is a huge impact in our daily life specially to the teenager like us, wearing uniform is different in individual some may look good and some may not, other teachers will criticize you like for example you may be good in wearing uniform but when it comes to academic performance you’re not participative because you might think that wearing uniform is cool and it will make your academic performance be going up but then you’re because some student who don’t wear their uniform are having a good academic performance because of the comfortable that they get. Like in the case of taking an exam, you prepared a lot you study from day to night and there it comes the exam day you wear your uniform and you notice that there is dirt on it instead of focusing on the exam you are already conscious now because of the dirt and to focus is not on the test paper but rather on the uniform which has dirt and because of that the student might failed the exam or might get a low score because of the
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