Should Schools Wear Uniforms Essay

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High Schools Requiring Uniforms
School uniform is a uniform that the students wear for a school or any other educational institution. It is popular now in all the stages of education: primary, intermediate and secondary. School uniform was first appeared in Britain in the fifteenth century for the students of charity and public schools in order to distinguish them. In the nineteenth century, the private schools began to impose them on the students. Many students and parents may not agree with the idea of wearing uniforms at schools. They claim that uniforms limit the student's freedom of expression and individuality. However, school uniforms have many benefits to the students and society as a whole
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Schools that do not require uniforms may have those students who do not care how they dress. Scenes of students dropping their pants down to the ground and showing their underwear will be common. Some others will be wearing inappropriate logos on their shirts and jackets. That gives the school a bad reputation and makes it a fertile ground for foul language, gang behavior, and crimes. In addition, students who do not have to focus on what to wear to school are going to focus more on their studies, which leads to improved grades. Many students who wear uniforms feel more proud of their school when other people recognize them. Wearing school uniforms can also help them gain more self-confidence because they feel that they are a part of something bigger.
In conclusion, school uniforms have many advantages and seem to be more positive than negative for students. It help get rid of bullying acts in schools based on what the students are wearing. Uniforms eliminate the separation of social classes and spread a sense of equality among students. Moreover, uniforms make schools look more formal and professional and make the students feel proud of their schools. Studies show that students learn better and act more responsibly when they wear uniforms. High schools should require uniforms in order to benefit both the students and society as a
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