School Uniforms In Public Schools

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The idea of school uniforms in public schools is often controversial among students, parents, and staff. I believe the enforcement of uniforms would create a positive learning environment, improve the safety of students, and promote, equality, dignity, and responsibility. Those who are against a uniform policy may argue that some students would purposely disobey the policy to get call out of class, that academic achievement should be the primary focus instead of a uniform policy, and that uniforms decrease individuality. A uniform policy improves the safety of students by reducing bullying, preventing females from being targeted sexually, and prohibiting clothing that suggest violence or gangs. In Steffen 's article, he states, "Educators report a decrease in violence, a reduction in fights at…show more content…
2012). A uniform policy forces student responsibility because if they do not follow the policy, there will be consequences. This responsibility helps to prepare for expectations when entering the work force. Individuals against a uniform polilcy feel that academic performance and achievement should be much more important than rules regarding clothing and looks. Steffen 's article states, "Students need to learn to dress appropriately based on context. Dress codes do not facilitate this learning. Instead, dress codes teach students that conformity and obedience to authority are most important. Individuality is suppressed. Student voice is suppressed." (Steffen. "Pros and Cons of School Dress Code"). In Conclusion, the issue of school uniforms will always be an issue of controversy. There are valid points to both sides of the argument. However, I believe the positive learning environment, the increased responibility of the students, and the improved safety at the school are reasons to support an overall improved learning experience in schools that implement and maintain a uniform
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