Argumentative Essay: The Trouble With School Uniforms

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School uniforms, school uniforms have been debated among the states with tons of studies that say they help with school issues and other studies that contradict school uniforms have no significant change. In order to save money schools shouldn’t be adding more costs to school, school should be cheaper, its fundamental to all kids to learn and not for the parents to be spending more money on school uniforms especially with families on a tight budget. The issue of school uniforms has been around 1969 ever since the US Supreme Court issued a law that kids could protest if it wasn’t disruptive. Bill Clinton also supported this because he didn’t want to see kids fight over expensive clothing. Over time, it has evolved into a debate whether they…show more content…
He writes that, “Is it even reasonable to expect uniforms to solve the problems for which they are recommended? Can violence be reduced by borrowing an idea from the military?... Complex problems will not disappear just because we demand that students wear what we tell them. Relying on power to induce conformity rarely produces lasting solutions." (Kohn). What this means is that nothing probably can stop violence and bullying amongst schools even if everyone looks the same. Think of it this way, you are a student at a public school and bullying is a problem. The principal then decides in order to stop it they require mandatory school uniforms. A week goes by, and the bullying still goes on even though everyone looks the same.This proves that adding a small thing won’t eliminate a huge problem that’s been going on for many…show more content…
In the essay, “Schoolwear Association Research Reveals Uniforms Can Be a Powerful Tool,” the printwear and promotion point to a study done by the Schoolwear Association disagrees and points out that having school uniforms will lower bullying caused by where they are from and economic class. They that,”83% of teachers thought "a good school uniform... could prevent bullying based on appearance or economic background."(Schoolwear Association ). What this means is having school uniforms can lower bullying. While there is some truth to this argument, it is wrong because only teachers think of this and not parents who are the ones who have to pay for uniforms. For example,you don’t want to buy something for your child that they won’t want to wear or use, especially if they don’t help with absolutely anything.
To sum up the fact, many of the people who agree on not having school uniforms stand strongly. However, they are completely convinced they will work wonders for two main justification bullying can’t be eliminated and clothing can’t boost performance in academic environments. This is true due to all statistics stated by many studies, if we want to live in a world where kids want to be able to be themselves everywhere then we must think more deeply about not just our thoughts on uniforms. We must ask ourselves, we must ask ourselves, “should we really be spending money on useless uniforms Kids hate to
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