School Uniforms In The Case Of: Students V. Public School Uniforms

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School Uniforms in the Case of : Students v. Public School Uniforms School uniforms are increasing as we speak, about every 1 out of 5 public schools requiring them ( I believe that school uniforms should not be enforced in public schools for the reason being it 's a public school which is supported by funds from the public. Why should schools be able to force uniforms on students when their funded by the public. My first point is school uniforms can be very high in their costs. My second point is school uniforms don 't stop bullying but might cause more violence than before. My third and final point is school uniforms limit a students rights. School Uniforms may look really nice or even look professional but as we know things that look nice come with their “nice” price. By saying “nice” price it really means they are high in cost. Did you know that enforced public school uniform policies are more likely to be found in high poverty areas ( Factories that make these school uniforms come back every year with $1 billion dollars in sales. Parents almost every year spend around $249 more or less for their kids to have 1 whole uniform ( About ⅔ of parents have cost over $99.82 for a single school uniform per child, 19% of parent will pay out more than $213.90 for each uniform. School uniforms don 't guarantee anything for sure, for example they don 't guarantee to stop bullying. There 's also a slight chance

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