School Uniforms Persuasive Speech

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Going from fifth to sixth grade was difficult. I went from not having to worry about following a dress code to having to wear certain shirts and pants. Polos and khakis. I wore them every day, five days a week. But every now and then we got to wear whatever we wanted (with certain boundaries). On those days, people thought that they had to wear their most expensive clothes. Name brands like American Eagle and Aeropostale. They felt like they had to show their power in some way. You were considered “cool” if you had those logos on any part of your outfit. If you didn’t have them, then you might have been picked on or bullied because you didn’t have the money to afford it. Even though some thought that uniforms could stop bullying, they didn’t. Some might have said that they encouraged it. Students shouldn’t be forced to wear uniforms. It violates their rights. They are not allowed to wear anything to express themselves. They are forced to wear what other people want them to wear. Children tend to express themselves by what they wear to school on a daily basis. If they are feeling sad, then they might just wear sweatpants and a hoodie. Others might want to wear a shirt that supports what they believe. “Students at Friendly High School in Prince George 's County, MD, were not allowed to wear pink shirts to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a result, 75 students received in-school suspensions for breaking the school 's uniform restrictions,” (para. 1). Some say that if

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