Persuasive Essay About School Uniforms

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On another typical day, a typical private school boy got out of bed, brushed his teeth, and slipped into the usual navy shirt and khakis he had been wearing for the last 8 years of his life. How would you react if your school decided to implement a strict uniform policy such as the young boy’s? In my case, I dealt with a school uniform for the first nine years of my education. It is now in high school that I am given a choice. Wearing uniforms is a controversial topic that many students, teachers, and parents have been debating since school uniforms were first proposed in the 90s. In today’s world, debates surrounding uniforms are becoming increasingly controversial and a direct fix might not be found, but compromises can be made that help benefit specific schools. School uniforms will be successful in increasing students’ willingness to learn, decreasing chances of displaying signs of gang relations, as well as curbing racial discrimination.
Implementing school uniforms into more schools will not just keep order and sophistication, but will also benefit student behavior as seen in various studies. It can be seen that “uniform and dress code proponents argue that they
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Clothing of choice can be argued as a method of expressing personal identity as well as beliefs (Swafford 8). A student may like to wear a new outfit every other day, or wear more comfortable clothing. Evans believes that uniforms are not required to prevent wearing clothes that represent gangs, as there should already be rules that prevent this (Evans 3). Many parents corroborate this and believe school uniforms are not required to further students education, and that it can be done by placing basic rules on what can and can not be worn in school. While rules such as these are enforced in schools that lack a dress code, they can only do so much to prevent
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