Essay On School Uniform Pros And Cons

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School uniforms pro or con, this controversial subject has been going on for a while arguing it takes away students' self of expression or whether it helps establish a better learning environment. Which one truly is the best option for the future of our students and which one can truly maximize their potential for a better learning environment as well as the safety for them when they go to school, these thoughts are key points in when discussing the argument over school uniforms

Starting with the pro side, school uniforms themselves have many upsides to them such as eliminating visible economical differences, which can be very helpful to diminishing bullying that is caused by a person's social/economic status, another upside would include the prevention of gangs forming because of how school uniforms would eradicate gangs being able to represent themselves via clothing. Eradicating gang association amongst the school grounds can definitely lead to a safer and better learning environment for the students knowing that they'll be safe when coming to school.
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The biggest argument that is for cons would be that school uniforms restrict a student's ability to express themselves through means of clothing and even piercing. Self-expression is critical for people, especially for those in their youth because if they are restricted to self-expression, it could damage one's creativity and even their own identity. This is why self-expression is very critical to our youth because of how it could affect our future generation. Backtracking to cons , another important con for school uniforms would be the overall price of the uniforms themselves, many parents are concerned with the overall pricing of the uniforms and families who are going through some rough patches may not be able to afford it at the time, which is a big problem for students trying to go to school
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