Why Kids Shouldn T Wear Uniforms

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Going from fifth grade to sixth was kind of difficult. I went from not having to worry about following a dress code to having to wear certain pants and shirts. Polos and khakis. I wore them everyday for five days a week. But every now and then we got to wear whatever we wanted (with certain boundaries). On those days, people thought that they had to wear their most expensive clothes. Name brands like American Eagle and Aeropostale. They felt like they needed to have some way to show that they had some sort of power over everyone else. And if you didn’t have the name brand clothes, then you were not considered “cool.” Uniforms didn’t stop fights from happening. Some might have said that it encouraged it. Students shouldn’t be forced to wear…show more content…
Parents have already bought clothes, that fit their budget, for their children to wear to school. If parents don’t have the money for them, then they will more than likely have to cut back on the necessities that they need for everyday living. “Based on a poll of 1,000 parents, 95% of mothers and fathers think school uniforms are unreasonable,” (para 4). Some kids have name brand clothes, while still following the uniform rule. But others find uniforms that will fit a budget. Sometimes the clothes that they wear to school don’t fit properly. They could be too big, or even a little too small. While most public schools that are enforcing uniforms are more lenient when it comes to being able to afford the appropriate clothes, private schools are not so much. If a student doesn’t have the correct shoes, then they might be sent home until they get the correct ones. As the students get older, they grow out of the uniforms that were previously bought. So that means that parents have to buy uniforms more than once. You can’t expect your children to wear the same uniforms all throughout middle school, and then onto high
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