School Violence In Schools

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1. Introduction School is a medium that seeks to promote positive direction to learners. It serves to instil knowledge and skills needed for them to contribute to their communities. However, within this positive image, it has become evident that schools are infiltrated by violence. Burton and Leoschut (2012) see violence as something which does not start in schools; or is initiated by learners only. It has come to attention that violence comes from teachers as well. In an attempt to understand the concept of violence it is essential to define it. World Health Organizations (WHO) (2002:5) defines violence as: The intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, (against oneself), another person, or against a group or community,…show more content…
A study done by Mncube (2013) acknowledges that violence is a social behaviour that is not better explained by genetics and biology. One can say that, if individuals can learn to be violent; they can also learn to behave in peaceful manners in an effort to try alleviating violence. Due to the exposure to high levels of crime, impoverishment, and limited opportunities, South Africans have built the resilience which has driven them to accepted violence as their subculture. They have resorted to it as a way of resolving conflict (Mncube, 2013; South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), 2012). It can be said that violence is a broad phenomenon which is not only rooted only in schools but has its basis in the communal settings children are brought up…show more content…
It taints their self-image and has a negative impact on how they view school. DoE (2001) has shown that most girls drop out and have a fear of coming to school because of this. However, according to Prinsloo (2006); some of the girls learn to live with having no power to control what their male school mates do to them and choose to stay in school without reporting them. Interventions aimed at addressing sexual and gender violence is lacking in South Africa; in turn the best way to address and bridge this gap is through education (Bhana,

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