School Violence Speech

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Violence is no joke. It is a deadly weapon. As we all know, teenagers’ violence is a major problem in American society, especially in Philadelphia, which I have nicknamed “Killadelphia.” Not long ago, a 15-year-old student opened fire on his classmates, killing 2 and injuring 13 others. Some come with knives and guns, threatening to kill other classmates and teachers. Shocking incidents like these cannot be brushed off and forgotten about like they never happened for the simple fact that it will happen over and over again if there are not some good measures taken to prevent them. These are not isolated events. The U.S. National Center for Education statistics note that while there has been some decline in reported school violence in this country,…show more content…
It’s a blessing when you see them grow up and reach their eighteenth birthday. It seems almost like a miracle. Those teenagers are very violent. They don’t understand that violence doesn’t solve anything. The solution of a dispute or argument lies in effective communication, with lots of understanding and respect. You don’t have to fight or pull a gun on somebody or even shoot someone every time you find yourselves arguing. You have to be able to control your anger. If you can’t do that, then you have a serious problem. You need to be in an anger management program…show more content…
Even the children get beat up, too. The fathers are stealing, killing, arguing constantly, and lying about everything, cussing on a daily basis and going to jail from time to time; therefore, the children couldn’t be different from those so-called fathers. That’s what they have witnessed all their lives, and there is nobody around to tell them otherwise. These teens grow up and they become very violent and practice the same method as their negative fathers because they don’t know any better. In the future, their friends, relatives, neighbors, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives all become victims of such negative behavior. Today, I’m here to tell you that such behavior is wrong. You can be different from your father, even though you have his blood running through your veins. You are your own person. The fathers that are acting like that have sold their soul to the devil; you don’t have to make the same

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