Schools Should Not Have Dress Codes Essay

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Recently, more and more schools all over the country have turned to dress codes. Some people say that dress codes teach professionalism and protect students. However, schools should not have dress codes because dress codes target girls and limit their freedom of expression. They also are hard to enforce and students break them anyways. First, schools should not have dress codes because they target girls and limit freedom of expression. Dress codes ¨...reinforce that girls are expected to act to a different standard than boys, and that boys are incapable of controlling themselves around girls,” said the Huffington Post. For example, in some schools girls have to wear a one-piece in the pool but guys can go shirtless. Dress codes also limit…show more content…
Education World says, “as the year goes on, more students are testing the rules by wearing jeans or other banned items.” If teachers aren’t strict about the dress code students can get by without trouble. Who is going to catch everyone breaking the dress code anyways and what are you going to do when you do catch them? Some schools send them home to change but then they are either going to stay home or come back and miss school. Others order a detention but is that really going to keep all students from breaking the dress code? If they love their off the shoulder shirt so much they might just suffer with a detention every time they want to wear it. The difficulty and trouble of enforcing dress codes is also why we should not have one. Many people argue that dress codes teach professionalism and keep students safe. However, professionalism is taught in people's attitude not by what they wear. For example, sweatpants are not against dress code but they don’t show professionalism. They are also just students and should be able to live the child life as long as they can. These reasons are why dress codes should be banned. There should be no school dress code because it limits the freedom of expression, targets girls, and they are hard to enforce. Girls should not have to follow extra rules because boys can't control themselves around girls. If there was no
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