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When I found out that a few schools pay students for marvelous grades, at first, I envied them. Then I thought,” What would happen to the students’ grades if they stopped receiving money?” Paying students for eclact grades is a horrible idea. This situation is almost indistinguishable to a bribery. These situations lead to obstreperous arguments between students in the classroom. Learning should already provide pleasure even without the offer of money, it should be an elysian . In the long run, students have lower than naturally motivated students. Schools shouldn’t be paying students for awesome grades because it leads to fights and arguments, students should only learn if they want to, and students have lower grades in the long run. To begin, schools shouldn’t pay students for worthy grades since it starts problems in the classroom. According to the “ Should parents pay for good grades?,” “ NEA article claims: ‘ Many teachers also say paying students for excellent grades leads to practical problems in their…show more content…
Stated in the article: Good grades: are you willing to pay? A good epitome By Ginger Ninja, it states that “the warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment should already satisfy the kids.” Parenting experts stated this quote. Schools should not manipulate kids into getting admirable grades. They only want the money, and they don’t want to have more knowledge in their heads. They will not care about the knowledge that they hold, they will simply throw it away and ‘learn’ new subjects. Knowledged that they obtained, would be dross. Even though some students’ grades flounder, that doesn’t mean you have to bribe students for grades. The students need to be zealous about learning. As you can see, paying students for deluxe grades is abominable because children should learn it only if they want to, not since they want the
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