Thomas Hobbes: A Short Analysis Of Boredom

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Boredom is a kind of suffering that man can experience if there is a satisfied desire. And such satisfaction is a new starting point of a new striving. As quoted above, temporal satisfaction of desire has no good results for as our desires are satisfied. It is quite boring so that the willwill continue to seek for another satisfaction. ‘For many desires will arise in the place of one that is satisfied, as new limbs spring out when bough is cut’. As Thomas Hobbes said in his Leviathan, ‘the cause, whereof is, that the object of man’s desires is not to enjoy once only, and for one instant of time; but to assure forever, the way of his future desire’. It is therefore shows the infinity if man desires, hence, striving. Because the will is aimless, since willing seems to be an endless…show more content…
Man seeks for fulfilment in whatever means. He will go here and there, seeking satisfaction for his desires. Everything he will do to achieve such fulfilment so that in return, man becomes egoistic. Man as an egoist, views the world as a giant ball of pleasures and luxurious things that he wants to own on himself and anybody who make barriers and hinders him to achieve such pleasure would be ruined. Thus, man is then a being which is self-centred. And such self-centeredness makes man evil for he himself is only nothing but the cause of such evilness. Desire for riches, honour, command, or other power, inclineth to contention, enmity and war, because the way of one competitor, to attain his desire, is to kill, subdue, supplant or repel the other’. Likewise, needy men and hardy, not contented with their present conditions; as also, all men that are ambitious of military command, are inclined to continue the causes of war; and to stir up trouble and sedition. This shows the most dreadful form of egoism that man is engaged with, and also the evilness of this form. Because of egoism, man can be more and much evil with his nature because of such evilness makes man the object of
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