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Dylan Monroe 09/17/17 Schroder English 4 standard Beowulf is an epic poem about our hero Beowulf fighting monsters. This epic was made by monks in 1000 AD. Beowulf is sent out at first to kill a monster named Grendel, this monster’s fight takes place in Grendel's dining hall. The second fight is with Grendel's mother in her home or the swamp. Beowulf's third and last fight is with the dragon which beowulf is unfortunately killed in. In Beowulf’s first fight he battles the monster Grendel in a meat hall. In this fight Grendel was killing men each night which drove everyone away and to go get beowulf, the man with the strength of thirty men. Beowulf decides that in order to catch and kill Grendel they would have to go and stay the night…show more content…
This time it was a dragon who was attack some people because one of the townspeople decided to steal the dragon's treasure (a cup) in order to free himself from a crime that his brother committed. The dragon lived in a cave that was full of treasure. The townspeople asked the elderly Beowulf to help them slain the dragon that was attacking them. Beowulf foolishly agreed even though he was eighty his warrior code would not let him back down from a fight. Beowulf borrows a great sword from the king and sets off to fight and kill the dragon. When the dragon and beowulf encounter the dragon breaths fire melting the sword causing beowulf to fight with no weapon just like the last two fights. Unknowingly to beowulf the bite of the dragon was poisonous, when the dragon bit the elderly Beowulf it killed him. Wiglaf later went back to the dragon and fought it. Wiglaf wins and before Beowulf died he had ordered that his friend would be the new king if he was to ever die. All three of these stories were about conflict, but the third story is where our hero Beowulf finally died. The first and second stories dealt with our hero fighting a mother and a son who were terrorizing a village. Also these stories show our hero taking on these monsters with his bear hands and winning. The last story finally shows that age catches up to even the greatest of men can

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