Rape Crisis Center Case Summary

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Summary of Key Facts/Legal Issues I my project I will be evaluating the case involving a woman named Schroer who eagerly wanted to volunteer at the rape crisis center. Schroer was a man by birth but later had identified herself as a woman at the age of 29. She passed through the sexual reassignment surgery to being closer to her emotional self after the self-identification as women. She had been with a partner after the surgery but she got physically and emotionally abused by her partner. She looked help from an organization that deals with that types of issues because of that problem. That is the reason behind her participation as volunteer on the rape crisis center. She wanted to help the women who have passed the similar situation as of her. Schroer was identified as not being always a women on the training session and that made her disqualified. She was denied from giving volunteering service on that rape crisis center on…show more content…
Under the Human Rights Code, it would appear that this rape crisis center discriminated against Schroer under the pretense of more than one of the prohibited grounds. Every person is entitled to equal treatment with respect to employment (Filsinger, 2010). Schroer just wanted to volunteer in that case and according to the textbook the term employment broadly include the volunteer work. Schroer should be protected under the human rights code because of those issues. The discrimination because of the sex or gender identity is the largest issue in that case and it was the only reason of denial at the work. The sex orientation is less important here but it also brings questions about whether the women who are engaged in the same sex relationships will not be permitted to access in that rape crisis center and whether they will be served for the situation is another issue
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