Sci/275 Week 3 Problem Analysis Paper

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When discussing this section with Kate, she wanted to make it clear that the Center for Injury Research and Prevention is an institute of CHOP and is not an agency. Therefore, exact details and information regarding funding and allocation is not available. She decided to give her best estimates in regards of funding resources and the allocation of these funds. As shown on the first pie chart, CIRP receives 100% of its funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH). Individual studies conducted by the Injury Center are often funded by grants. The allocation of funding in CIRP is split into only two categories, personnel and salary as well as research supplies. The second pie chart above displays these allocations, with 65% going to personnel and 35% towards research supplies for CIRP. Kate wanted to make sure that this is the only information available for this section and that if it needs to be cleared up by her she will be happy to be in contact. Supervisor…show more content…
Her previous positions include nursing in the pediatric intensive care unit at both the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and in the emergency department of a hospital located in New Jersey. She also had a position as a school nurse previously and went to school following to earn her PhD. What Kate loves most about her job is the opportunity to work with students and interns as well as research on the whole. In fact, she has won several awards for her work in research including honors from the Villanova School of Nursing as well as the Eastern Nursing Research Society. If there were something that she could change about her job, she said that at times processes within research development can take too long, especially with human subjects, and at times she times she wishes the process was more streamlined. She reports to her department supervisor at the School of Nursing at the University of

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