Science 103 Reflection

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Transitioning from high school to university was stressful, but Science 1A03 has been a tremendous amount of support during this time. The course enabled my journey through the first few months of university straightforward and also has taught me valuable skills about university and the different science courses offered at McMaster. The many aspects of Science 1A03 included the lectures, “Introducing … talks”, mentoring, MRI’s and weekly quizzes/reflections. Each week there would be one lecture where a guest speaker or Dr. Symons would talk about the different resources offered at McMaster or even vital skills to have while in university. One of our guest speakers was the Thode librarian, who showed us the vast topics of books present as…show more content…
Th current plan for me is to enter into either biochemistry or molecular biology next year and continue my scientific journey in those programs. However, my main goal is to apply to dentistry school after my undergraduate degree and complete the DAT test. I’m relatively confident that both of the specializations mentioned will give me enough scientific experience to get accepted into dentistry school. Before the semester I could never have narrowed it down to what I want to specialize in second year at McMaster. However, Science 1A03 has offered me a great amount of information about the different faculties that I can make an educated choice. The introductory talks that occurred every week gave me a great amount of information about each faculty and it let me narrow down my choices. My mentors also aided me to decide on future plans by giving their opinions on each of the different programs second year. Another tool that was useful in my decision was the MAP website that is provided by the academic advisor offices at McMaster. The website is hugely interactive and all the different programs in science are listed on it. In addition, each program is explained in much detail, such as what requirements are needed and what types of courses you’ll be taking in the program. I used the MAP tool to advance through the different biology programs second year and base my decision on the detailed descriptions provided. In the end, Science 1A03 has made it significantly simple to plan my pathway in McMaster second year and ultimately after my undergraduate
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