Science And English: The Importance Of The English Language

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The English language existed a long time – approximately four centuries – before it started being referred to by English. It appeared around the fifth century AD, after the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons along with many of their local dialects. The evolutionary process of the English language slowly continued for several hundred years more, with the ninth century marking the first time the word “English” was constantly used to refer to it (Crystal,2005. P.27). So in the first few centuries of its existence, English was nothing more than another local language – without a great importance accorded to it – spoken by inhabitants of an island off the western coast of Europe. Fast forward to modern times, this at one point unnamed language used by minorities has spread across all continents of the globe. Earning along the way an importance that remains uncontested by any other language, with it being used in one way or another by the vast majority of people. English has many different uses in a multitude of fields varying between technical, scientific terms, education and employment, etc. Michael Gordin - a professor of the history of science at Princeton – provides an explanation for the relationship between science and English. Nowadays almost every new term that’s to be coined will most likely be done in English, the same goes for new discoveries and their publication. An example for such case is the research carried out by scientific couple Maybritt and Edvard Moser who

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