Science And Technology: The Importance Of Computer Science

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While computer science, in it 's purest form, is all about advancing computing, the impending climate catastrophy and the general degradation of the environment necessitate that computer scientists take a far more active role in helping to protect the environment; this is because their skills are invaluable when it comes to analysing and solving the complex problems presented to scientists by natural systems under rapid change on one hand and by a growing population hungry for natural resources on the other. In addition, computer scientists could greatly enhance engineers ' efforts to advance renewables and other technologies that will usher in the low carbon economy while building IT based platforms that will increase co-operation amongst people, sharing of resources and reduction of waste. It is probably fair to assume that most computer science graduates around the world busy themselves, on a day to day basis, with the classic issues of IT such as: security, processing speed, network efficiency and of course, for some lucky ones, Artificial Intelligence. This would have been all nice and good if only our civilisation wasn 't in the crossroads it now finds itself in, after only 200 years of industrial advancement. The main challenge of our times, by any rate, is reforming our relationships, as a race, with our home planet and making these relationships sustainable and therefore long lasting. If computer scientists could dedicate even a fraction of their time and problem
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