Reflection On Task Behavior

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During Science class students were given instruction during the first five minutes of class. These included class announcements and directions of plotting longitude and latitude coordinates. During this transition into the class activity Eric was on his Chromebook toggling between Google Classroom and basketball news/stats. When Mrs. Beal repeated the direction for a 3rd time that students are to be opening Google Classroom to the class, although directed at Eric, he then initiated the task and remained focused for 5 intervals. Within these five minutes of on-task behavior Mrs. Beal checked in with Eric and engaged with him as he started plotting the coordinates. During the following 15 intervals Eric did not demonstrate on-task behavior for the duration of the interval. If Eric was off-task for even one second of the interval he was marked off-task for the entire interval.…show more content…
Eric was seen looking around the classroom and appeared aware of adult proximity to him and their view of his computer. One point in the observation Eric repositioned himself and computer screen to be turned away from the observer. As the class progressed Eric started to quickly flip back and forth between class webpage and basketball pictures. Eric appeared to be aware of the risks of being caught by adults but appeared to want to switch his background photo. During interval 17 the para professional commented to Eric that he could wait to get home and look up basketball information as the day was an early dismissal. This did not result in immediate behavior change. During the times of on-task behavior interval 26/27 Eric was working with Mrs. Beal. Mrs. Beal was clarifying expectation of work that will need to be completed for
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