Science Education Research Paper

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Science Education has become the need of the hour from the various perspectives whether be the communal, individualised, or commercial. Numerous aims and objectives of teaching science are updated frequently to upgrade the teaching standards at various levels. Undoubtedly, these novel rules and regulations help inculcating diverse range of interpersonal skills among the learners, however, learners and instructors both remain in a dilemma about the expectations and results of learning and teaching science. Being in a competitive world, it has become necessary for the educators to become more concerned about the priorities and a healthy conversation must be conducted to fulfil the needs of the science tutors as well as the pupils. This can be achieved by formulating certain principles for organising priorities in science education.
First approach to improve things is to make students develop interest in science as most of them lose interest in science after their secondary school education. Secondly, only the relevant topics should be taught, keeping in mind the intelligence level of different science learners. Apart from this, quality should be prioritised over quantity and pupils must feel curious to know things with diagnostic ability. Students should be self-assured in discussing concepts and science instructors must give time to the learners to comprehend and assimilate the scientific ideas. To bring such interrogation into the classroom, all aspects of science should be
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